• Career Path Program

    Career Path Program

    Taking the Stress Out of Career Choosing

    Are you unsatisfied with your current job, but don’t know which way to go from here? Are you uncertain about the longevity or fit of where you are now? Or, are you a high school student or college student who feels panicked, ill, or agitated every time someone asks you what you want to do with your life? If any of these are you, CRM’s career program will help you sort out the confusion in your head and calmly make a decision regarding which way to go with your future career.

    CRM’s 4-week program walks the client through a series of questions, conversations, and research intended to help clarify the career field(s) that would bring the most satisfaction to the client. This program includes 5 thirty-minute telehealth sessions and a downloadable workbook. It is available for $550.00.


    Please email Leah at leah@crmwellness.net for more information.