• February- The Season of Love (and how to love yourself)

    February- The Season of Love (and how to love yourself)

    Love is in the air. Decorations are pink. There are hearts on every surface imaginable. And the candy of the month is chocolate. February. Valentines Day. This is a great holiday whether or not your relationship status is taken, single, or complicated. Regardless of where you fall on that spectrum, there is always a good reason to find an excuse to find happiness and love yourself. No matter where you stand, a key to happiness and life is to love yourself and be able to find happiness, even when it is just you. This can look like a lot of things to different people, but you are the expert on you.

    It may feel hard sometimes, especially if you are feeling down, to find happiness. And as cliché as it is to say, you are the only you that there is, and that is reason enough to smile and celebrate being who you are. If you don’t know how to start, then start by treating yourself. The best way to look at it is like taking yourself on a date. Find the things you like to do and make a day out of it. Giving yourself some love can go a long way to improving your quality of life. Another important thing to do is to take it easy on yourself from time to time. It can be so easy to beat ourselves up over the little things. And while yes, it is important to work on and improve ourselves, it doesn’t do any good to dwell, especially on the things we can’t change. When something happens that doesn’t go your way, close your eyes, take a few breaths, and forgive yourself. It’s not easy but accepting that nobody is perfect and that we all make mistakes makes the little things not seem so bad. 

    In this post, I want to give you five ideas on how to treat yourself this Valentines day.

    Of course! Here are five ideas for treating yourself on Valentine’s Day:

    1. At Home Spa Day: Transform your space into a serene oasis by indulging in a DIY spa day. Light some candles, run a bubble bath with essential oils, put on a face mask, and pamper yourself with a manicure and pedicure. Treat yourself to some luxurious chocolates or a glass of wine while you relax and unwind.
    2. Cook a Gourmet Meal: Spend the day experimenting in the kitchen and whip up a delicious gourmet meal just for yourself. Choose a recipe you’ve been wanting to try, set the table with your finest dinnerware, and savor every bite of your culinary creation. Don’t forget to pair it with your favorite wine or cocktail for the perfect dining experience.
    3. Movie Marathon: Create your own cozy movie marathon with all your favorite films or a new series you’ve been wanting to binge-watch. Snuggle up in your comfiest pajamas with plenty of popcorn and snacks, and lose yourself in the world of cinema for the day. Whether it’s romantic comedies, action-packed thrillers, or heartwarming dramas, choose movies that make you feel good and enjoy some well-deserved downtime.
    4. Self-Care Retreat: Dedicate the day to self-care and relaxation by unplugging from technology and focusing on activities that nourish your mind, body, and soul. Start your morning with meditation or yoga, take a nature walk or hike, journal about your thoughts and feelings, and spend some time practicing gratitude. Treat yourself to a luxurious bath, read a book you’ve been meaning to dive into, or simply spend quality time with yourself doing whatever brings you joy and fulfillment.
    5. Solo Adventure: Embrace your sense of adventure and embark on a solo outing to explore a new place or indulge in your favorite hobby. Whether it’s visiting a museum, going for a scenic drive, trying out a new restaurant, or taking a dance class, spend the day doing something that excites and inspires you. Embrace the freedom of being on your own schedule and enjoy the thrill of discovering new experiences and making memories just for yourself.

    Make this not only the month of treating yourself and loving yourself, but also the month of self-care. A part of loving yourself is taking care of yourself and being the healthiest you that you can be, physically and mentally. You can do this by maintaining healthy habits and finding new ones. Be physically active, eat well when you can, and talk to someone like your therapist to build strategies.

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