• Life Coaching

    Life Coaching

    What are Life Coaches and What do They do?

    Certified life coaches work with their clients to tackle areas of concern or to navigate specific situations. Instead of being diagnostic and therapy-based in nature, coaching sessions are forward-looking and often include creating action plans and goals that are attainable and result-driven. As in counseling, coaching sessions are confidential, supportive, encouraging, and professional. Life coaching covers many areas of life, such as, but not limited to: relationships, marriage, communication, stress, life transitions, etc.

    At CRM, our coaches hold master’s degrees in either a counseling or psychology field and bring many years of experience to their sessions.  Their areas of expertise include:

    • Sports Performance
    • Life Transitions
    • Goal Setting and Personal Growth
    • Relationships and Interpersonal Skills
    • Academic Concerns
    • Purpose Finding

    Contact us to schedule your sessions and to begin becoming a better version of you!

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