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    Developing Inner Calm and Clarity

    CRM is pleased to offer meditation classes to Deer Park and the surrounding areas. Our meditation instructor, Tenzin Khandro, is an experienced scholar-practitioner of Buddhist meditation in the Theravada and Tibetan traditions.

    We will be offering mini-retreats, weekend retreats, and classes throughout the year.

    The mini-retreats are beginning August, 2022. In these retreats, you will learn about and practice two of the foundational methods of Buddhist meditation: Insight meditation that heightens awareness of the mind and body, and concentrative meditation that helps to develop mental focus. Both allow the meditator to develop inner calm and clarity.

    CRM would be delighted for you to join us! If you’re new to meditation, this is a great way to take part in authentic teachings on Buddhist meditation. If you’ve already got experience, this mini-retreat is a venue to expand your practice.

    For more information and to register, please contact Tenzin directly at tenzinkhandro@crmwellness.net

    Meditation Types

    Vipassanā Meditation:

    How would you like to feel more refreshed, focused and relaxed? Vipassanā meditation, also known as mindfulness meditation, is an ancient meditation technique that helps you center and destress. Vipassanā techniques teach you how to be aware of the present moment – in other words, it allows you to let go of that tight grip your thoughts have on concerns that disturb your peace of mind and guides your attention to the wonder and beauty of right now. Have you ever looked in amazement at a beautiful sunset, had your imagination completely engrossed in a novel or felt the joy from a child’s laughter? These moments are also a form of mindfulness where you appreciate to the fullest, without distraction, the ‘now’ before you. Join us in Vipassanā Meditation classes where you will be guided to this present awareness.


    Have you ever read a paragraph and at the end, can’t remember what you just read? Or laid your keys down after coming home from work, and forget where you put them? What about those awkward moments when someone tells you their name, and two seconds later you have to ask them again what it is? These are the moments when our concentration has waned because our thoughts are chasing after something other than what’s in front of us. Śamathā meditation techniques, also known as concentrative meditation, help to train our attention to not run after scattered thoughts but remain attuned to an object of focus. Thoughts are just thoughts and cannot be stilled completely – they can, however, be acknowledged and gently nudged to join our attention on a particular subject. Somewhat like Vipassanā meditation, Śamathā helps a practitioner be completely aware of one single object or event through heightened internal focus.

    Video References:

    Vipassana Meditation and Body Sensation: TedX Eilona Jaffa

    What is Samatha? Alan Wallace

    Contact Tenzin at tenzinkhandro@crmwellness.net for more information on the meditation program.