• Tenzin Khandro

    Tenzin Khandro is a western Buddhist scholar-practitioner who has been involved with Buddhist meditation for over 16 years. She has both a master’s degree and PhD in Buddhist theory, and practices meditation in the early Buddhist and Tibetan Buddhist tradition. She has taught Buddhist theory and history at high schools and universities as well as led many different meditation courses. Her meditation courses focus on two important types of meditative techniques: Insight Meditation, also known as Vipassanā, accentuates mindful awareness of internal and external phenomena. The second type of meditation, known as Śamathā, or Concentration Meditation, hones a practitioner’s ability to still inner chatter in order to remain focused on a particular subject or object.

    Contact Tenzin at tenzinkhandro@crmwellness.net for more information on the meditation program.